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the Event factory franchising program

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Welcome To The Event Factory Franchising Program!

Franchisee Qualification Process

The qualification process for becoming an Event Factory Franchisee is outlined below and is expected to take 60-90 days from our initial review of your application through closing. While the following steps must be completed, the order in which they occur and the time line involved may vary based on each candidate’s application. It should be understood that we are currently reviewing our initial applications. Since all territories are currently available, awarding of each prime territory or location will be done on a first come, most qualified applicant basis. It is with this in mind that we urge you to return the application enclosed as soon as possible via a mailing method featuring a tracking number. Please follow up the mailing of your application with a call to confirm the application’s receipt by us. Your application will receive a priority service number upon its arrival at our office. All qualified applications received will be invited to a “discovery day" where they will receive the Event Factory Franchising UFOC document.

Franchise Candidate Event Factory Franchising
Initial Request For Information & Application. Pre-Qualification Of Potential Franchisee,
  Mail Franchise Brochure And Application.
Review Brochure And Related Materials, Review Submitted Application, Notify
Complete & Return Application. Applicant Of Status, Qualified Applicants
  Will Receive Telephone Conference Call.
Applicant Will Attend Discovery Day. Facility Tour & UFOC Presentation.
Applicant Will Call With Questions. Franchise Location(s) & Agreement Will Be Issued.
Applicant Will Agree To Closing Date. At Closing, Agreement Will Be Signed By All Parties
  And Initial Franchise Fee Will Be Due Per Location.



Thank you again for your interest in The Event Factory Franchising Program.

Please email your complete name and address to

Please include your contact phone number.


A complete Franchise Kit and Application will be mailed to you.

You may also call us at 813-806-0026, Wednesday through Saturday from 12-6pm to request your Franchise Kit.



Call: 813-806-0026

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